10000 Story Flying Machine
10FM creates future-focused projects with our partners nationwide. Our mission: to inspire the next generation to use the power of story to build collaborative, inclusive, fantastic tomorrows. 
10FM is run by Camie Bontaites. It began as a project of Chabot Space & Science Center's
OpenScienceLab, grew to (modestly) epic proportions, and is now located at its West Berkeley HQ.

10,000 Story Flying Machine (10FM)*

* Why 10,000 Story? This all began high in the Oakland hills at 10,000 Skyline Blvd, last story up before the stars.  Plus, we believe each story can - and should -  be told 10,000 different ways.   Why Flying Machine? Ray Bradbury's, Ambrose Bierce's, Jule's Verne's...


Tell it Like it Could Be...