10000 Story Flying Machine
10FM creates future-focused projects with our partners nationwide. Our mission: to explore the storied side of science, and inspire the next generation to use the power of story to build collaborative, inclusive, Fantastic Tomorrows. 
10FM is run by Camie Bontaites. It began as a project of Chabot Space & Science Center's
OpenScienceLab, grew to (modestly) epic proportions, and is now located at its West Berkeley HQ and workshop.

10,000 Story Flying Machine (10FM)*

* Why 10,000 Story? This all began high in the Oakland hills at 10,000 Skyline Blvd, last story up before the stars.  Plus, we believe each story can - and should -  be told 10,000 different ways.   Why Flying Machine? Ray Bradbury's, Ambrose Bierce's, Jule's Verne's...


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